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Welcome to Mind Body Music

Performance coaching with a difference

I offer one-to-one sessions and workshops for musicians and performers, at every level from amateur to professional, who want to explore and realize their fuller potential.
For health and wellness, as well as for practice and performance.

  •  Would you like to conquer performance anxiety?
  •  Transform stage fright into feelings of excited anticipation?
  •  Do you want to overcome self-sabotage and blocks to progress?
  •  Deal with performance or practice related stress?
  •  Be more confident and assured in your playing?
  •  Reduce tension, aches and pain?
  •  Address related health issues?
  •  Feel more relaxed and focussed?
  •  Identify and reduce personal stress factors?
  •  Support yourself in healthier ways?

You may be surprised at just how much more you are capable of!

With Mind Body Music, I bring together a unique, holistic approach to performance-related stress as well as health and well being, which draws on many years experience as a therapeutic coach, and as a performing musician.

I have developed an approach which is gentle, non-invasive and essentially rapid so that positive change can be experienced right from the outset.

My sessions are individually tailored to help you effectively address the blocks to confidence, centredness, creative expression and greater self-awareness. In other words, to connect with your potential and ability to perform at your very best.

'Amazingly rapid result allowing me to let go of a stressful situation and feel relief, as if a cloud had lifted.'


Explore your hidden potential...



Effective reduction of performance anxiety and stage fright. Engage with your 'I can' confidence. Make your own mind your best friend and ally. It's a game changer!

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Your body is the instrument you play. Prevent injury, release tension, address related health issues. Free up your technique and feel the difference!

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An effective holistic approach to well being for singers, musicians, presenters, actors and performers. Your whole experience can simply be transformed.

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About Mind Body Music

Founder, therapist, coach and musician, Liz brings her skills and many years experience to help you explore and express your hidden potential.



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Therapeutic coaching.

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'I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have been doing really well since our session and am very much looking forward to our next. I am so grateful to you as my anxiety seems to be significantly reduced!' SJ


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